in sweet company with Margaret Wolff

What Readers Say

“… dynamic, soul-searching conversations that engage women in discussion about their spiritual lives and where their spirituality takes them. This book makes spirituality come alive in real people.”
~ Sister Helen Prejean

“… an invaluable resource that harnesses the wisdom, beauty, creativity, and resourcefulness found in women committed to making a difference. … filled with creative possibilities to manifest a better world for our children and grandchildren.”
~ Angeles Arien, Ph.D.

“In Sweet Company provides readers with a bird’s eye view of the inner lives of 14 very different women whose practical wisdom and generous hearts inspire us to deepen our own spiritual connection. Their lives are their message to us all, a message we need to hear: connect with the Divine, anchor our actions in spiritual principles, serve the Greater Good.
~ Laurie Beth Jones

“… the observations and insights are relevant and frequently remarkable. … Thank you for doing such an honest piece of writing.”
~ Olympia Dukakis

“… inquiring conversations with 14 women whose lives and work are energized and given meaning by their personal connection with spiritual wellsprings.”
~ Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

“A beautiful book.”
~ Riane Eisler

“… a deeply spiritual and inspirational collection which is a welcome and invaluable addition to personal reading lists and Women’s Studies reference collections.”
~ Midwest Book Review

“Entertaining, enlightening, inspirational. What more could a reader want?”
~ Writer’s Digest

“With In Sweet Company as their guide, inner peace can begin one woman at a time.”
~ All Woman Magazine

“Rich and deeply inspiring, In Sweet Company is a celebration and affirmation of what we can accomplish when we connect to that which is higher than ourselves.”
~ Yoga International

“Margaret Wolff weaves a beautiful tapestry that serves as a testament to the universality of our life experience and spiritual journeys. This is a special book, one that gives us a glimpse of how the teachings from various traditions and ones spiritual practice can transform and enrich our day-to-day lives.”
~ Marianne Schnall, Co-Founder,

“Thank you, Margaret Wolff, for making a significant contribution to a Culture of Peace.”
~ Dorothy Maver, Executive Director, The Alliance for Peace

“The lively and intimate tone of the conversations make readers feel as if they had joined a fireside chat between Ms. Wolff and these remarkable individuals. … immediate and poignant.”
~ Visions Magazine

“… takes readers on a spiritual odyssey into the hearts and minds of some of the most influential women of our time.”

“… Wolff’s words deeply touched me. Her words crafted moving portraits of each woman profiled [that opened me] to new resources, levels of inspiration, and affirmation to action in the world.
~ Andrea Girman, Spirit of the Valley Magazine

“In Sweet Company takes readers on that most important journey — into the heart of Spirit.”
~ Doug Glener, Tomorrow’s Child Magazine

“… this book about women is a must read for all men.”
~ Bob Polselli

“The insights and champion attitudes of these women will empower many. … The “love note” in the beginning is deep, elegant, and a beautiful prelude to the dance through these womens’ lives and into our hearts.”
~ Carol Mayne, Painter

“… I open the book to any page and start reading. Each time, the exact right thing comes to me and fills me with endless inspiration and an expanded sense of how we are all living our lives unknown to each other, yet supporting each other.”
~ Catherine Light

“A life-affirming book!”
~ Sarah Eames

“My eyes were brimming with tears throughout.”
Joanne Goodrich

In Sweet Company with Margarett Wolff