in sweet company with Margaret Wolff

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In Sweet Company: Conversations with Extraordinary Women About Living a Spiritual Life by Margaret Wolff

In Sweet Company Conversations With Extraordinary Women About Living A Spiritual Life (Jossey Bass, 2005), is a compelling collection of intimate conversations with 14 remarkable women, each with a spiritual life that nourishes them and serves as a dependable compass for their decision-making. Each chapter tells the story of one woman’s inner development in her own words, and the social, emotional, and professional fulfillment her spiritual commitment provides her.

In Sweet Company casts a wide net: the women range from 31 to 91 years of age; they come from Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Native American traditions and follow practices synthesized from their own life experience. Above all, they are women beloved and respected for who they are as well as for what they do.

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In Sweet Company with Margarett Wolff