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In the Beginning

[Spirituality] “isn’t just about getting into the presence of God, because we’re in that presence all the time. The central question is ‘How can I fashion a life where I actually live in that awareness?’”

~ Rabbi Laura Geller, In Sweet Company: Conversations With Extraordinary Women About Living A Spiritual Life.

Welcome to the In Sweet Company blog, next wave in the life of a beautiful book I wrote called (funny enough!) In Sweet Company: Conversations With Extraordinary Women About Living A Spiritual Life.

For those of you who are new to my work, In Sweet Company is a collection of intimate conversations I had with fourteen famous women about how their spiritual lives nourish them and serve as a dependable compass for their decision-making.

Like us, these women have a powerful appetite for Goodness and Truth, for integrating their spirituality and their exploration of what is Sacred into their everydayness. The emotional generosity and courage reflected in our conversations and in their lives is a demonstration of what ‘real women’ are all about. To my great delight, In Sweet Company has had a rich life: “She” works as a teacher and counselor. She has been invited into homes and hearts around the world and has been a good friend to others; she has your back. She is guided by core values and has a deep spiritual life, a profound connection to God — especially to the Divine Feminine.

When the book was released, I began speaking at conferences and leading workshops and retreats for women around the country. The women drawn to these gatherings are smart, funny, sassy, earnest, sincere, brave, spiritually-oriented “works in progress.” (Like you!) We get down. We get close. As one attendee said, “I laughed. I cried. But most of all, I loved.” The personal and collective transformation that evolves from our being together gives me goose bumps. It aligns us, brings us into being “in sweet company” with our Selves, with each other, and with the God of our hearts. When a retreat is over, it’s hard for all of us to say goodbye.

Over the years, I’ve had some heart-stopping conversations with women at conferences, in retreats, in university seminars, in parking lots and airports and online. I’ve heard from women in Afghanistan and Tasmania, Israel and Namibia and Boston and Boca Raton. Who knew there are so many “wimmens” out there who want to talk!

Now that we’ve found each other, my intent is to use this blog to keep these home fires burning, to create a forum to share what’s in my heart, to provide resources and a sacred space for women who understand the value of authentic conversation. I hope you will do the same. We’ll talk about creating and maintaining connectedness in the midst of transition and chaos, about creating a sense of the Sacred in our daily lives, about the power of finding and listening to our Inner Voice. And we’ll tell stories — women’s stories – stories that bring healing and holiness to the present moment.

Some days we’ll rail, some days we’ll weep, some days we’ll laugh and revel in awe and wonder. The good thing is we’ll do this together. It’s what being in sweet company is all about.

Your thoughts?

Big Love,


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