in sweet company with Margaret Wolff


“If you do just one special thing for yourself this year, be sure to attend one of Margaret Wolff’s retreats. She has a gift for connecting you with you Higher Self and empowering you with the knowledge of your own inherent gifts. Her retreats are a life-changing experience.”
~ Brenda

“Margaret’s work is soul work. Inspired yet practical. Creative yet grounded. Interactive yet deeply personal. And such great fun!”
~ Barbara

“Margaret’s retreat built bridges in a community that badly needed healing. How grateful we are to have had her with us. “
~ Mary

“Margaret’s thoughtful facilitation created a safe space for our patrons to reflect on and expand their leadership practices. Her work is significant; her wisdom and journey supported us.”
~ Shana

“Margaret’s own story is an inspired triumph for many women.”
~ Catherine

“Hearing Margaret talk, I understood for the first time how helping myself will allow me to better help others.”
~ Anne

“Thank you for this elegant, well-organized, nourishing and fun retreat!”
~ Debra

“Margaret’s insights and stories have nourished our community in so many ways. What a wonderful sharing!”
~ Sister Mary Sue

“I can’t tell you how much my soul/spirit needed Margaret’s retreat. So much has opened up for me. Thank you.”
~ Linda

“What a beautiful day it was! It was very hard to leave, but I’m thankful for the gifts Margaret gave me.”
~ Sara

In Sweet Company with Margarett Wolff