in sweet company with Margaret Wolff

About Margaret

Though I have degrees in Art Therapy, Psychosynthesis, and Leadership and Human Behavior, and have been nationally recognized as a speaker and retreat leader, what contributed most to the woman I am today began in the midnight hours of my childhood. It was then that I carried on long, intimate conversations with an unseen but palpable Presence I called “The Magic,” a presence that filled me with uncharacteristic bravado about my ability to master my life – and sometimes, joy.

Many years later, during a time when I was ardently in search of direction, I came upon a slogan for what was, then, the burgeoning literacy movement that changed my life: “Teach a woman to read,” it said, “and you teach a family to read. Teach many women to read and society blossoms.” I understood that engaging women in this way was a strategy, a grand design, that could be applied to any transformation, to any cause, a woman turns her mind to—including her own growth. Our inner fire lights the world.

I began to bring women together to talk about our lives, good women who were—like me—yearning to live more authentically and fully. I have created hundreds of these “learning communities” on issues that span the developmental divides of a woman’s life. It has been an honor and a privilege to do so.

My life journey has backed me into some dark corners and propelled me to the feet of undreamed of possibilities. On a day when the darkness all but engulfed me, the idea came to write In Sweet Company: Conversations With Extraordinary Women About Living A Spiritual Life. (Jossey Bass) The book made a new woman out of me: It mentored me, brought me infinitely closer to my great and tender God, and brings me now to your doorstep. It is my fervent hope that the retreats I facilitate will move you closer to what is most meaningful to you.

In Sweet Company with Margarett Wolff